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        公司地址: 山東省青州市昭德北路
        手機: 13863663226
        電話: 0536-3204218
        傳真: 0536-3288762

        About Us


        Our Yidu Textile Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co.,LTD of Qingzhou,Shandng situated in the City of Qingzhou,a beautiful ancient city,with a long history and abundant civilization,it lies in the center of Jiaoji Railway,this company enjoys great cinvenience of communications.

        This company is a company which is organized and expanded based on the Yidu Textile Machinery Plant of Qingzhou City.

        Equipped with advanced facilities,superb technology and highquality staff and workers,the company specialzes in manufacturing such textile printing and dying machinery as curved screen plate making and engraving equipment,and other machinery for textile printing and dying.All the customers advice and talks on business are welcome!

        Zhang Zhaoli,the chairman of the board and manager,with all the staff of the company wish to advance with friends from all walks of life for a bright future!

        Address: Zhao de North Road, Qingzhou, Shandong
        Contact: Zhang Zhaoli    Mobile: 13863663226
        Tel: 0536-3204218  Fax: 0536-3288762
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